Our Company has provided to be a leader in the production of waste container with highest quality, most powerpul, the best serial production and most affordable rates in Turkey. During the more than 30 year manufacturing with the 45 years knowledge, experience and product options serves to environment, country and the World. TEKSİN has signed a policy in Turkey by establishing hot dip galvanizing (zinc plated) facility in its own constitution, has provided to be long lasting by covering waste container with hot dip galvanizing and has brought them country’s economy. Anymore 99 % of municipalities prefer hot dip galvanized waste containers.Our company has reached aproximately 2800 of 3200 municipalities which located in Turkey and has exported the production of 10 % to overseas. TEKSİN has signed a policy again by using ROBOT Technology for the entire production.Waste container manufacturing is realized in the covered area 12,000 m2 from total 45,000 m2 of new factory and produce a monthly 8000 units of various types of waste containers. TEKSİN has signed a policy again in 2011 by establishing rotation facility and has began the manufacturing of underground waste container which are compatible with environment, aesthetic, economical and quality.Thus TEKSIN provides to remain added value to Turkish Economy of foreign exchange that going abroad and aims to be a leader in underground containers with reasonable price and quality. Working with the principle of ‘guarantee of success and sustainibility of production are the honesty and quality of service’ , TEKSİN is always in service for to leave a cleaner World to future generations. TEKSİN has signed the firsts so far in the sector and always signs also.

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